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Why Liquid Agrinine Supplement?

· First of all, there are many formulas of Arginine on the market today. I recommend looking for the free-form of Liquid Arginine.

This is Arginine in its purest state…100% pure Arginine with no additives. Free-form amino acids need no digestion and are absorbed directly into the blood stream.

If it just says Arginine on the label, chances are it is Arginine Hydrochloride or Arginine HCL, which is 73% Arginine and 27% Hydrochloride. The question is, if the label says 5 grams of Arginine HCL, does it really mean 3.65 grams of Arginine and 1.35 grams of Hydrochloride?

Then there is a barrage of other forms of Arginine like Arginine Pyroglutamate or Arginine Aspartate. These are formulas that contain only 50% Arginine and 50% of the other ingredient, so you are not really getting the full dose of Arginine you may be looking for.


· Second, Arginine can be purchased in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form.

Always look for Arginine in either a liquid form or a powder form, which becomes a liquid once it is dissolved in water.

Liquid Arginine Supplement always provides the best absorption of Arginine.

It is a lot easier swallowing an ounce or two of a liquid arginine, than swallowing a handful of pills. And the pills must pass the digestion process and according to the Physicians’ Desk Reference are only 15-30% absorbed at best.

When purchasing a powder, make sure that it dissolves properly and you are not throwing some of it down the drain.

When purchasing a liquid arginine, be aware that it needs to be refrigerated once the seal is broken on the bottle, which can be an inconvenience to a traveler.



· Next, make sure the formula you pick has a combination of L-Citrulline and antioxidants.

This is very important, when arginine converts to nitric oxide in the blood stream, the NO gas created is very oxidizing and can be damaging to cells.

But with proper antioxidants mixed in the formula, this oxidizing effect is averted.

Citrulline is the only other amino acid that works synergistically with arginine. Beware of other formulas that contain other amino acids because they will block the absorption of arginine.